twist resistor (Abused Lifestyle)

twist resistor

so many attitudes manipulate my theories
so many different views is there a real reality
got to look the other way
got to think another way
cannot stop it

so many promises got a hidden interest
so many promises assuring that they are the best
got to have the need supplied
got to have the greed supplied
can’t control it

I don’t want it
got to get this shit out of my head
resist it
I don’t want it
got to get rid of this shit in my mind
to find peace of mind

so many logic thoughts end up in a paradox
so many deeper thoughts open a Pandora’s box
got to keep the overview
got to see all sides of truth
can’t stop thinking
from all these twists, from all this strain
depressurize, discharge the strain

resist these twists,
discharge the strain

fear is overwhelming me
drowning between all these interests
fear is paralyzing me
got to escape the spiral of fearing fear

so many egoists want to make their benefit
so many egoists want to take the biggest bit
got to have some more of this
got to have some more of that
do we need it

so many idiots profile in a pride contest
so many idiots cannot be the very best
got to have to lie all day
does it have to be this way
why is this real

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