pit of sickness (Abused Lifestyle)

try to getaway
cannot stand the pain
driving me insane
surrounded by fears

try to find a way
out of disarray
sick of all these
one way solutions

get away
cannot stay
find my way

trapped into this pit of sickness
trapped in this shit far to long
got to escape these strange feelings
face my fears got to stand strong

tried so hard to stand
still don’t want bend
need a helping hand
out of this pit

why cant I be me
why cant I be free
trapped into this cell
dwelling in my hell

this pit is filled
with all my fears
creating images
that seem so scary
I feel so small
and so insecure
far too scared
to take a look
all these snakes
my inner fears
my excuses my fakes
and my mistakes
the egoshit
of my enemies
and all these habits
preventing to be free

cannot stand this stench
this diffuse light
I´ve got to get
out of this cell
got to face my fears
get on my way
I cannot stay
in the shadows
Ive got to grow
Ive got to know
Ive got to face
the real reality
this is the time
to realize
there is no need
to hide any more

trapped in this cage
try to get out
got to face my fears

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