This Time (Abused Lifestyle)

This time
I will recreate my fate
This time
I’ll take self responsibility

This time
I’ve got to stand up
To choose a path to go
This time
I’ll use my chances
experience the unknown
won’t live life over directed
pre-defined by fate
There is this thought in my mind
I know I can create my fate

got to break out of these circles
analyze the circumstance
to see alternative options
choose the way that makes sense

This time
I will
stand up for my own way

This time
I won’t
give it away

This time
I will
control my destiny
This time
I’ll take

this time
I know I will make it
no matter what is the cost
this time
I know my direction
I will stay on my course
will live life self directed
redefine my fate
multiply the thoughts in my mind
I know my fate is to create


Time to make a change
I wont rearrange
This time I will
face it

Time to make it real
follow my ideals
listen to my
This is my life
wont give it away

wont give it away
This time ill face it
I’m making a change
I’m taking the chance

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