Who cares

Who cares ?

in fear
of the next rejection
feels like
ice injection
piercing pain
burning my heart
freezing my feels paralyzing my mind

got to feel
the feels of the heartless
heart burnt
by the frost of the soulless
hurt again
by rejection
out of this mechanized white cold world

Who cares when you’re broken to pieces
aggrieved to the core
cant take it anymore
who cares when your powers exhausted
got nothing more to give
just emptiness to live
who cares when you’re drowning in your fears
ignoring when you fall
laughing when you fail(crawl)
who cares when your drowning in your tears
these holes in the soul
were burned by fear

it feels like
walking skinless
silent crys
are fading meaningless
useless tries
to reconnect the
fragments of who I used to be

laying wake
aroused and sleepless
in a dark
blackened coldness
there is no
from this burning deep inside my soul

who weeps
who cares
who will be there
who will be there to take care


The one who will be there
to lend a helping hand
can be considered a true friend
until the end

the very end of me
the end of my misery
the one who will be there
to lend a hand
is a true friend

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