Conversion of Hurt

As i started to convert
all my hurt into words
i wanted to share
and make my misery be heard
drowning in loneliness
stuck up in my emptiness
to fuck up and let hate flow
was my only bliss
all alone going solo
i kept it all inside
running from myself
try to find a place to hide
kept hurting myself
cos i couldn’t let go
kept blaming myself
for my faults and my sorrow

when will i be
free to be
when will i be what i can be
when will i be there somewhere
understood by people who will take care

to be free to feel
without pain, and wounds that have been sealed
when will i be finally there
to grow some love to share

when i kept running on
to find my place to belong
I tried to stand strong
with mask and shielding on
all the energy i used
to protect my self
is energy i should have used
to connect my self
suddenly i realized
i am not alone
there are many people out there
roaming for a home
trying to find a place to fit in
to share love, respect and understanding

stop running away
start the conversion of hurt

to care

to share

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