Track Technique

yo check out the effects of a unique track technique
connected with the effects in your overheated head
all mixed up in your head laboratory
with your neurochemistry to set some more radical movement energy free
that is led straight down to your legs to do the most effective high life party kick
so take the chance to dance to trance more intensively than ever before
moving to this artcore

move up now
break your cage
ride the vibe
blow your brain
feel the life
(blast your heart)

move up and feel the vibe that is flowing through your brain
release the energy by spinning like a hurricane

got to jump up and move to the groove
preach my wicked styles and the rest is up to you
got to bring it on you cant escape this groove
resistance is futile you know what you`ve got to do

flowing in the vibes like you never ever did before
feels like in a rush breaking the new high score
the moment is a alive there is so much more to explore
heartbeat-overload ya exploding on the dance floor

this is our unique track technique

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