i want to draw
the attention to a system not far
shut your mouth if you want to say
i don’t mind cos it is too far away
another black mother is crying in pain
cos another baby died kept warm in her arms
but she tried in vain to save her kid
in this abused life for survival
people die in dire need for something to eat
while they got to work
to support the greed for more profit
while the poor people cannot even afford to feed their kids

feeding the lifetime sucking wealthy vampire kings
rule the empire of unfair differences
made by greedy white power addicted money whores
that rule the country that belonged to their tribes once before
right now abusing them as tools treating them like fools
keep on draining workers health to increase their wealth

slavery slavery
slavery in democracy
ruled by the power of the money
stand up together united hand in hand
power to the people
cos this is not your promised land

a paradise was build up on the back of the black
with anger in their eyes and a swollen stomach
while the whites celebrate their pride
drinking through the night
trying to be satisfied
while everything is still alright
keep on thinking they are better and a dead man doesn’t matter
to numb to selfish and to blinded to see
that the cost of one bottle of whisky
could ease the pain and the hunger of one poor family

will there ever be understanding and harmony
will there ever be peace and unity
will there ever be true democracy
will there ever be freedom and equality

living within a muddy place they’re forced in
full of dirt and disease and pain and misery
the blacks are locked away from their paradise
cos they are the stain on the white coat of the pure
living within this madness in this narrow space
they are born to loose they are born to be abused
lost and pissed of in this sorrow
there is no future no other tomorrow
and they cannot choose to run away
to get out of this madness to see a better day

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