Rise Up

rise up
out of
your cage

walk your
own way
don’t let them
bring you down

yeah, everybody listen closer to this one

need something you want to live for
need something you want to fight for
live your life
don’t let them bring you down

find your way apart the normal
speak your mind don’t keep it formal
got to stand up non-conformal
open minds are not abnormal

use your mind to alter reality
use your mind to question authority
use your mind to alter society
be this time let it in and out
be this time make a change say it loud
be this time stand up strong and proud

watcha waiting for
new worlds to explore
break your cage
get on your way
redefine your roles
tearing down the walls
of confining prison cells

wayke up and see the world
in different lights
open minded for new views
the role you play
question given rules
breed new thoughts
differ from the norm
leave your cage
don’t be scared
you won’t be alone

yeah everybody dissociate on this one

disconnect from the media
question what they’re feeding ya
free your mind
start to think for yourself

dissociate from the mainstream
start to create your own Xdreams
stay away from idiot boredom
on your way to thoughtful freedom

you don’t have to be a clone marching in line

don’t be a clone serving majority
there will be creative minorities
join a community of
culture creative minds

create your alternative lifestyle
creative brainstorm freestyle
to break down the boundaries
of norm-conform normalities

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