Too many people
Brainwashed and forceless
Hiding their self
Believing they are meaningless
Following the rules
Deny their consciousness

Too many people
acting like robots
serve the machine
slave to the moneygod
think they are better
discriminating have-nots

lobbyism has taken control
television is deleting souls
(politicians are playing their role)
Egoism, exploitation
Of energy-cell-slaves to a corrupt nation
humans are numbers in their calculation

Power corrupts working with their allies
Pay the experts to prove their advice
To decide for big business interests
Care for their profit forget about the rest

Foul decisions made by the state
Serving the interests of the incorporated
Don’t care for fates calculating growth rates
While efficiency is the only debate

Detached from the will of the masses
Elite arrogance licks each others asses
Ignorant greedy promotion-possessed
Just care for their profit and forget about the rest

Too many people
screaming for justice
Mistake security
As freedom and peace
Staring at the tv
Searching for release

Too many people
corrupted by greed
screaming for more
ignore the higher needs
shiny happy people
hide the wounds that bleed

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