Why do you
Judge so hard
Can’t stand it
I hate you

Backstabber, this time I will stand up and fight
Backstabber, this time I don’t want to hide
Backstabber, this time I will kill your pride
Backstabber, this time you’ve got to test your might

I hear you’re talking behind my back
it comes like a hammer straight into my neck
sneak-attacker why do you stab into my back
arrogant coward, learn about respect

you don’t even know me
but you judge so hard
what’s wrong with yourself
how can you still feel smart

can’t you realize words can hurt so deep
arrogant shit-spitting spineless creep
fucked and fed up with this stuck-up ways
don’t you have the balls to say it to my face

So you think you know me by judging my appearance and sorting me into your world of prejudice and narrow frames
Did you ever descent from your throne to experience the people and the world around you?
Without a need for social hostility, downward comparison and superficiality
Did you ever try to see individuals instead of reproducing your castle walls of prejudice?
Have you ever heard judging the appearance is old fashioned?
Maybe you live in a superficial world and polish up your appearance to keep up your shiny surface?
How can your thoughts even breathe in this narrow-minded dungeon of week self esteem and inferiority complexes?
How can you judge me when you don’t even know me, when I don’t want to judge you, when I don’t want to separate, I want to unite
but this night, I´ve got to make it right, this night I will stand up and fight
I can`t stand
I hate it

I hate your arrogance
better keep your distance
I am taking dis-stance
to crush your self-romance

I hate your arrogance
blinded selfish ignorance
hostility that makes no sense
I hate your arrogance

I hate you, I hate you, fuck you too, I hate you

What do you think you are
stupid selfish ego-whore
how can you be so sure
I can’t take it anymore

I hate you, I hate you

I don’t fit into your frame
do you want to play this game
you’re the one to be blamed
your dumb pride is my aim

I hate you, I hate you

once released I cannot quit it
last man standing in the pit
do you think that you are fitted
to take more than one hard hit

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